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Based in Sussex, our aim is to help every young person find the support they need to HoldOnPainEnds


With the public health system in crisis, we have taken action to fill the gap in services by providing early intervention, through counselling, for young people between the ages of 11 to 21.


3 in 4 children with a diagnosable mental health condition do not get access to the support they need.

1 in 4  children show some evidence of mental ill health.

18 months is the average waiting time for a first appointment with Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

50% of mental health problems appear before the age of 14, with one in four enduring mental health conditions to the age of 24.

We provide a reassuring environment for a young person emotionally struggling, or close to crisis. We also understand the importance of support for the family, and have designed our services for all.

HOPE is a place to come to receive emotional care when you need it most. Here at HOPE, we connect families going through similar experiences and aim to build natural support networks that are close to home.

All the people working at HOPE have been touched by this (sometimes terrifying) emotionally charged issue.

We HOPE all young people can see a future full of potential and possibilities. 


Please Donate


We are a small organisation doing a mammoth task to help the many young people & their families struggling to deal with their day-to-day life.  

We know that EARLY INTERVENTION is absolutely KEY to prevent a young person developing serious additional symptoms.

However, the problem is escalating. The NHS (CAMHS) system is hugely OVERSTRETCHED with average 18 MONTHS waiting times for a first appointment. They simply are not able to give the help & support that's needed for so many, at the time they need it. 


You can help us to make a difference & prevent these young people getting to such desperate states due to not being acknowledged and heard . Help us to help our next generation & their families now.

Please spare a small amount to make a big difference today.



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