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There are plenty of ways you can help us to keep HOPE alive and growing.​



If you have had a personal experience of the issues that affect a young person going through mental health problems, please get in touch. This could be you, or a member of your family. You can contribute to our support network by sharing your personal understanding, making a big difference.  In return be proud to be part of a team determined for change and to bring help to those that need it now.


We are only as good as the services we are able to provide and we are looking to recruit counsellors, psychotherapists and supervisors who are passionate about working with young people in Sussex.


We are so appreciative of volunteers who can offer their time and skills to HOPE.  Our volunteers range from supporting with events to offering a few hours a week to help with admin or fundraising. If you would like to volunteer, we would love to hear from you.


The heart of HOPE is the generous donors who provide the much needed funding to enable us to provide the services which are so vital. Whether is it £5, £10, £20 per month or a larger gift, it is appreciated and so important for our stability. If this is something you would like to do, please just click the DONATE button.


at and we will be only too pleased to listen and see how you can get involved in our mission for change and providing somewhere for these young people and families to turn.

With thanks to our amazing sponsors
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