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ALL are Welcome


   Bullying       Trauma       Bereavement       LGBTQ+       ADHD
              ASD         OCD                BPD             ED         Tourettes
  to name a few...........Causing symptoms of     
  Depression    Anxiety      Panic attacks    Anger/Silence     Self harm 
                                      Suicidal thoughts/attempts


Welcome to HOPE Charity Project

The HOPE Charity Project has been set up to help families in Sussex and surrounding areas, who are worried or struggling to support their children suffering from mental health issues, or Emotional Health as we prefer to call it. We offer a very real, compassionate approach to providing advice, support, and comfort to the children, parents and siblings who are all affected by this growing nationwide problem.













Managed by people with a very personal experience of how a child's failing Emotional health can affect everyone's lives, the charity aims to provide support for the whole family and even friends. At HCP, we ultimately provide a listening ear, many different and effective therapies that will aid healing, promote positivity and inspire emotional calmness. We aim to bring people together, remove the stigma attached to Mental Health, promote change and overcome each day together.


Be heard

Be supported

Have HOPE together

You are not alone


Help for Families

We are here to work with families with current and growing concerns. They may be struggling at home, behind closed doors, or are already in the overwhelmingly stressful hospital admittance system, struggling to cope with everything.

We are here for all affected.

Everyone needs to be given hope

Are you

As a young person, you can experience a range of emotional problems, when faced with difficult situations and challenges.

Maybe you are just trapped in your own thoughts and feel no-one could or would understand.


Occasionally, your feelings or mood may be so extreme or upsetting that you may need urgent help.


If you're self-harming, feel like running away, or saying you no longer want to go on living, then you may need immediate support. Don't be alone.