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The HOPE Charity Project has partnered up with Pinnacle UK to provide HOPE merchandise you can purchase.

20% of every sale goes directly to the HOPE Charity Project.


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Multiple colours & shapes to choose from.

Order your very own HOPE Charity Project T-Shirt/Sweater/Hoody by clicking on the button below.



Please Donate

We are at the beginning of this journey to help young people & their families struggling to deal with their day to day life.  

We know that early intervention is absolutely key to prevent a young person developing serious additional symptoms.

However, the problem is escalating. The NHS (CAMHS) system currently in crisis not able to give the help & support that's needed for so many, at the time they are reaching out for help. 


You can help us to make a difference & prevent these young people getting to such desperate states due to not being acknowledged and heard . Help us to help our next generation & their families now.

Please spare a small amount to make a big difference today.

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