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Our School Partnership Model (Current Focus) offers:
- Overarching Safeguarding 
- Multiple Stakeholder Engagement to support the

Holistic Wellbeing of the Child
- Structured Referral Process
- Robust Means-Testing 
- A Safe Space to facilitate sessions (we can accommodate a neutral space for school refusers, home schooled children or those that prefer not to have their therapy on school premises)
- Replicable, Scalable Model

Coming soon: A 'no judgment' community space where parents come together to offer mutual support and advice. A safe place to share, care, and impart strength to one another in time of need. 

Don't be alone

Our aim is to be there to offer early intervention to young people & families who are anxious, not knowing where to turn, and reaching out but not being heard. We understand the frustration, fear, and pressure that it brings to everyone involved.  

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