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Claire Sparrow

Claire the founder of the HOPE Charity Project. Being a mum of two teenage girls and having experienced first hand the implications of dealing with a child who is struggling with emotional health issues and fighting to get support for her family to cope.

Claire is dedicated to create the support needed for families now and campaigning for change and HOPE for our children today.

Claire is a creative soul with a history trailing with creative arts and accomplishments spanning over a 25 year career. Having also worked in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools as a teacher in the arts department her knowledge and understanding of young peoples needs are very seen, understood and heard.

Claire believes Empathy, Care and Trust are key, along with early intervention and prevention for a young persons emotional well being.

Remove the word to put an end to the ongoing stigma.  Emotional Health of today.

Victoria Lamont

Vicki started her career in retail, moving into Field Marketing managing a team of 35 for over 10 years. From this Victoria gained first-hand experience in several areas including managing and developing a large team, responsibility of a £2million+ budget, developing customer relationships and leading a team. 

Vicki took a change in career direction in 2017, becoming a Venue Manager for a leading wedding venue in West Sussex.  Her passion is developing and nurturing people to enable them to deliver their best, embodying a ‘challenger mentality’ inspired by her work in Field Marketing for a leading challenger brand.  


Vicki believes that everyone has the right to be listened too, without being judged and labelled in today’s challenging society. Connection is really important to her, and she believes that the HOPE Charity Projects values and vision will change young people and their families lives for the better in a way that is currently not available in today’s society.
Lynsey Tucker

This project is extremely important to those already involved and to the many children who need early intervention and support; I want to do whatever I can to help. My career has centred on helping people be the best they can be and I’ve had a lot of satisfaction seeing people gain confidence and fulfil their dreams.

I’m so pleased that emotional wellbeing is becoming part of our normal day to day conversations and so much more than ever before. This helps to highlight the need, and the more people sharing their personal stories and getting the help they need, the better. Being able to be a part of this amazing charity to offer constructive input helping to ensure we are doing everything we can for the people we support.

I have an extensive Human Resources career which spans over 20 years. My roles have ensured we provide the right tools for our workforce to do their job and to provide the right environment for them to thrive and be as happy as they can be.


I'm a mum to two young boys – (10) and (7) who keep me on my toes; Be sure to ask me what it’s all about next time you see me!

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