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 is dedicated to raising awareness of the mental health crisis affecting so many young people today.

early intervention through counselling, family support, & community connections.


deterioration of mental health into adulthood & the escalation of young lives lost through suicide.


by creating partnerships with schools, businesses & government.

Be heard
Be supported
Have HOPE together
You are not alone

HOPE was established to help young people suffering from mental health challenges access the support they need.


We offer a compassionate approach to providing advice, guidance, and comfort to young people, their parents, and their siblings; who are all affected by this growing nationwide crisis.


We aim to bring people together, remove the stigma attached to mental health, promote change, and overcome challenges each day together.

Help for Families

We are here to work with families with current and growing concerns. They may be struggling at home, behind closed doors, or are already in the overwhelming hospital admittance system, struggling to cope with everything.

We are here for all affected.

Everyone needs to be given HOPE.

Are you

As a young person, you can experience a range of emotional challenges, when faced with difficult situations.

Maybe you are just trapped in your own thoughts and feel no-one could, or would, understand.


Occasionally, your feelings or mood may be so extreme or upsetting that you may need urgent help.


If you're self-harming, feel like running away, or saying you no longer want to go on living, then you need immediate support. Don't be alone.


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